The five levels of dental care

We work with all our clients to build a relationship of trust, care and confidence so they can relax when they come to see us and enjoy positive dental health for life.

Our ultimate aim is to help you achieve a healthy, comfortable mouth, a strong, stable bite and a confident, radiant smile.

We work in partnership with you to fully understand your choices so you make an informed decision about your care and we can advise how you can stay healthy, happy and pain free.

These are the five levels of care that we offer:

Level 1 - Urgent Care

  • Immediate support for emergency problems such as pain, swelling, or bleeding, requiring treatment as quickly as possible

Level 2 - Remedial / Cursory Care

  • Speedy, cost effective treatment for short term solutions
  • Treatment of non-urgent problems such as breaks or discomfort and examinations and screening for underlying issues

Level 3 - Self Care

  • Comprehensive examination and treatment plan for lifetime dental care to avoid problems and maintain teeth that look and feel great
  • Full evaluation of teeth, gums and supporting tissues and jaw with a long term future care plan and regular visits

Level 4 - Complete Dentistry

  • A proactive treatment plan in additions to self-care to gain, full understanding and control of dental disease triggers and prevention, and proper hygiene before, during and after treatment

Level 5 - Wellness Resource

  • A preventative clinic one to four times a year for people with excellent dental health
  • Clinical focus on helping to attain even higher levels of physical and personal wellbeing

Most people progress through the stages over several years as their dental health improves. We support people on a long term basis to help them reach a place of excellent dental health and wellbeing.

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