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There is no doubt that we all wish to display a straight and flawless smile. Not only is this important from an aesthetic point of view, but other issues such as teeth grinding (bruxism) and TMJ can often be addressed by a successful orthodontic treatment. 

One of the latest options is a system known as Invisalign. Employing clear aligners, there are a number of unique benefits which should be taken into account. 

What are five advantages which this system offers and why might it represent a great solution?


All About Comfort

Many individuals feel that the Invisalign system is more comfortable when compared to braces. This is important if you have been concerned about the pain that such an option may cause. 

Oral Hygiene Benefits

One of the issues associated with braces is that food particles can become easily trapped between the wires and brackets. Therefore, your chances of developing cavities and gum disease may increase. The Invisalign aligners protect the surfaces of your teeth, so no food will be allowed to enter. 

The Invisalign Aligners Can be Removed

Most dentists recommend that these aligners remain within your mouth for 20 hours each day. The good news is that they can be easily removed in order to brush and floss your teeth. This reduces the chances of developing cavities and the health of your gums will not be placed at risk.

You Will Not be Restricted from Eating Certain Foods

Unlike braces, you will not have to be concerned about eating sticky or sugary foods. Thus, it is still possible to enjoy your favourite meals at a local restaurant. It is nonetheless important to embrace the proper brushing and flossing techniques during your treatment. 

A Nearly Universal Solution

Thanks to technological and orthodontic advancements, the Invisalign system can be used to treat the vast majority of orthodontic problems. Thus, braces are no longer your only option if you have been looking to obtain a straight set of teeth within a relatively short period of time. 

Are you curious to learn more about what the Invisalign system has to offer? If so, it is always wise to perform additional research and to speak with a qualified orthodontist. He or she will be able to provide you with further guidance and to determine whether these unique plastic aligners are the best solution.


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